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What We

Sprout is a leading agricultural software platform that provides open expert and scientific content, and real-time services specifically curated and transformed for small-scale farmers in Africa.


Sprout partners with agricultural content and service provider partners who contribute best practices and services to the Sprout platform. Sprout FFO partners access and share with the farmers they serve, planting, harvesting, processing, going to market, farm management, and livestock best practices and resources to increase farmer production, livelihoods, and resilience to climate change.


Sprout serves and empowers Farmer Facing Organizations / FFOs by providing them with digital-ready, scalable, curated expert and scientific farming practices and personalized services.

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Sprout is a leading agricultural software platform that provides open expert and scientific content, and dynamic services specifically transformed for small-scale farmers in Africa. Our proven content and dynamic services, including real-time weather advisories, future pest alerts, and soil health advice, empower farmers to make informed decisions and improve their farming practices.  

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Sprout currently offers 130 data sets and real-time weather advisories services. We are currently engaging to provide digital advisory services for pest and disease alerts, soil observations, crop calendars, and more. 

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At Sprout, we are dedicated to curating, testing, and transforming the most up-to-date expert and scientific best practices in agriculture for small-scale farmers. Our platform serves as a trusted source of knowledge, offering a comprehensive repository of evidence-based practices and techniques. We collaborate with leading experts, researchers, and institutions to ensure that our content is rigorously vetted and validated.

And we have a cycle of feedback from FFOs and small-scale farmers to continuously develop new and relevant content.

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Sprout Subscription Services

At Sprout, we understand the critical role of real-time information in agriculture. That's why we provide FFO’s with dynamic services that deliver accurate and hyper-local information. We currently have a Digital Weather Advisory service providing real-time weekly and seasonal weather forecasts, for more informed planning and harvesting decisions.

Digital Weather Advisory Services (DWAS)

Farmer facing organizations can now offer smallholder farmers and farmer groups hyperlocal weather forecasts.  

Sprout’s DWAS is designed for farmer facing organizations (FFOs) who provide products and services to smallholder farmers across Africa. Sprout offers private repositories for FFOs to upload and maintain farmer datasets, including GPS location, a unique ID (not personally identifiable) and other data that are used to offer customer weather forecasts on demand. 


For FFOs, Features include:

  • Forecast: GPS location based 7-day weather data that can be refreshed once daily

  • Format: Downloadable SMS format, multiple language options

  • Scale: Supports thousands of locations


For Farmers Features Include:​

  • Content: Includes daily info on projected rainfall type, clouds vs. sun and floods

  • Multiple languages: English, Kiswahili, French, ask us about others option

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