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Sprout is revolutionizing the way small-scale farmers in Africa access agricultural information and services.


Sprout partners with Farmer Facing Organizations / FFOs to deliver customized expert and scientific content and real-time services that directly address the challenges faced by small-scale farmers.

By bridging this knowledge gap, Sprout empowers FFOs to enhance their relationships with farmers by providing knowledge and tools small-scale farmers need for successful planting, harvesting, processing, going to market and livestock practices, and climate adaptation solutions.

Sprout is a project of Mercy Corps Agrifin.   

Empowering Farmers, Building Resilience, and Confronting Climate Change Head-On.

At Sprout, we believe in taking decisive action to address the challenges of climate change in agriculture. Our platform arms FFOs and small-scale farmers with innovative climate-smart solutions, expert guidance, and real-time information to adapt and thrive in a changing climate.

By fostering sustainable practices, promoting resilience, and empowering farmers, we are leading the charge in creating a more resilient and sustainable future for African agriculture.

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At Sprout, we are committed to advancing gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in the agricultural sector. Our open digital platform embraces diversity, ensuring that all FFOs and small-scale farmers, regardless of gender, age, or

socio-economic background, have equal access to our knowledge, resources, and services. We actively collaborate with expert and scientific content partners to create solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by marginalized groups. By championing GESI, we are fostering inclusive growth and driving positive social change in the agricultural landscape.

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Promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Agriculture.


Our model catalyzes an ecosystem of Content and Service Creation Organizations (CSOs) and Farmer Facing Organizations (FFOs), with a platform and team that transforms content into digitally ready, farmer-friendly content and real-time services that FFOs can easily search, access, and customize to engage their farmers.


We partner with a growing network of Farmer Facing Organizations, which include Agtechs, Enterprises, Parastatals, NGOs, and Cooperatives that serve farmers and farmer groups. They have trusted relationships, farmer data, and systems to reach and support farmers at scale. We enable them to easily acquire, contextualize, and customize digital content and real-time services.

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