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Equity Foundation Joins the Sprout Ecosystem

We are excited to have the Equity Group Foundation join the Sprout Ecosystem to support

small-scale farmers in Kenya. The Equity Group Foundation’s vision is to be the champion of the socio-

economic prosperity of the people of Africa. Over the past 6 months, Sprout and Equity Group Foundation have been working together to serve farmers across Kenya. Sprout has provided Equity Group Foundation with access to its curated expert and scientific content, which has been used to reach over 100,666 farmers, including an impressive number of 47,977 women farmers.

There are many reasons why financial institutions like the Equity Group foundation choose to work with Sprout to support small-scale farmers in Africa.

  • Increased access to information and resources: Sprout provides small-scale farmers with access to credible, customized, and scientific farming best practices, as well as real-time weather advisories. This information can help farmers make informed decisions and improve their farming practices, which can lead to increased yields and income.

  • Reduced risk: Sprout's content and services can help financial institutions reduce the risk associated with lending to small-scale farmers. By providing farmers with access to information and resources, financial institutions can help them improve their creditworthiness and reduce the likelihood of default.

  • Improved customer relationships: Sprout can help financial institutions improve their relationships with small-scale farmers. By providing farmers with access to best practices and services, financial institutions can demonstrate their commitment to supporting the agricultural sector.

  • Enhanced brand reputation: Working with Sprout can help financial institutions enhance their brand reputation as socially responsible organizations. Sprout is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping small-scale farmers, and financial institutions that partner with Sprout can demonstrate their commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture.

In addition to these benefits, Sprout also offers a number of content sets that are specifically designed for any organization but in particular financial institutions. For example, Sprout offers financial literacy, digital literacy and insurance content that is pertinent to financial institutions which they can take, and adapt to their specific customer set and value proposition.

As part of the Sprout Ecosystem, Equity Group Foundation has been helping farmers learn about insurance and other ways to protect their crops and livelihoods. Equity Group Foundation also has exciting plans to expand their offerings to the farmers they serve, by using more Sprout Content relating to specific value chain information on crops such as maize, beans, sorghum, and more.

"Sprout Content is rich with important farmer information, which our farmers are using to better their lives and livelihood." - Equity Group Foundation

Sprout’s mission is to equip farmer facing organizations (FFOs) like Equity Group Foundation, with expert content and real-time services through our open platform to help FFOs attract new farmers, strengthen existing farmer relationships and improve the lives of small-scale farmers. By providing farmers with access to high-quality, freely available information, Sprout and Equity Group Foundation are helping farmers to improve their farming practices, increase their yields, and build more resilient livelihoods.


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