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Kristin Peterson

Sprout Lead

Kristin Peterson has led the design and co-led the team of
Sprout since inception, and is responsible for product/market development and team building. She is an Africa-based social entrepreneur who has co-founded two organizations focused on transforming lives and opportunities for people through better access to technology and the internet. Recently, Kristin was a Sr.
Consultant to Google X Project Taara. She co-founded Surf
Kenya, an ISP that delivered radically low cost internet for low-income users across Kenya that partners with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook hotspots across Kenya connecting over 1 million Kenyans to the internet that merged with BRCK in 2019. Her early career focused on new product/market/partnership development for global communications services and then used her skills, start-up mentality and passion for social justice to adapt new technologies for the underserved.

My Story

She is a Schwab Social Entrepreneur (World Economic Forum), Clinton Global Initiative Member

(7 years) and won the ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Award 2011 and is a Founding Member of Catalyst 2030.

Kristin is based in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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